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Renewable Energy and Sustainability Technology Research and Development

Solar Power | Solar Energy
Wind Power
Hydroelectric Power
Geothermal Power

The technologies listed here align with the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which defines Renewable Energy as Electric Energy Generated from:

  • Solar Power
  • Wind Power
  • Biomass
  • Landfill Gas
  • Ocean (including Tidal, Wave, Current, and Thermal)
  • Geothermal Power
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Hydroelectric Generation capacity achieved from increased efficiency or additions of new capacity at an existing hydroelectric project.

Organizations should consider the following questions when reviewing technology options.

  • What are my energy goals?
  • Which kind of energy do I use?
  • Why do I need the energy?
  • How much power do I use or need to produce?
  • Which renewable resources are available at my location?
  • Is space available for installation (e.g., rooftop, open land, existing facility, or new construction)?
  • What is my budget?
  • Which resources are available for operations and maintenance?
ProsumerSoft Renewable Energy and Sustainability Technology R&D

Prosumer means to be a Producer and a Consumer. An example of "Prosumer" in the Renewable Energy industry is when people produce energy (electricity) from solar panels on their homes and provide excess energy to the power gird, thus producing and consuming.

ProsumerSoft Renewable Energy and Sustainability Technology R&D

We design, develop, and deploy intelligent technology for:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainability

Our technology is integrated with:

  • Artificial Intelligence - AI
  • Cognitive Computing Algorithms and Models
  • Machine Learning - ML Algorithms and Models
  • Deep Learning Algorithms and Models
  • Computer Vision Algorithms and Models
  • Machine Vision Algorithms and Models
  • Natural Language Processing - NLP
  • Natural Language Understanding - NLU
  • Natural Language Generation - NLG
  • Neural Machine Translation - NMT / MT
ProsumerSoft Renewable Energy and Sustainability Technology R&D